Stainless Steel Restroom Partitions provide the most economical solution for heavy traffic and vandalism prone areas. Because our restroom partitions require no special floor or ceiling construction, installation is easy in new or old buildings.

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Allied Stainless steel restroom partitions are considered the finest in the industry. Ultimate for installations where appearance and strength are prime considerations.  Soft brush satin, stainless steel material has soft, rounded door and stile edges.  Allied’s superior design imparts a visual beauty unmatched by any other system.  Recommended for high humidity applications. Shipped with protective PVC film which is easily removed after installation.

Allied Stainless offers three stainless steel finishes: #304 smooth finish, leather grain, and diamond texture with the choice of chrome plated hardware and optional stainless steel hardware available.

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  • Restroom partition doors and panels shall be 1” thick, constructed of two sheets of 22-guage, stretcher – leveled quality stainless steel formed and bonded under pressure with a non-toxic adhesive to a resin-impregnated, sound-deadening full-face ½” cell honeycomb core.
  • Bathroom partition pilasters shall be 1-1/4”,constructed of two sheets of 18-guage stainless steel, formed and bonded under pressure with a non-toxic adhesive to a full resin-impregnated, sound deadening full-face honeycomb core.
  • An inverted stirrup with a jack bolt for leveling during installation and permanent height adjustment shall be welded within the base of each pilaster. “L” brackets shall be coupled to the stirrup bracket and floor for full range adjustment. A shoe conceals each mounting, Having an internal cross section conforming to the pilaster, and being formed of type 304 stainless steel #4 finish.
  • Headrail shall be provided to bridge all compartments and brace the end freestanding pilasters to the wall; the headrail shall be anodized aluminum satin finish, contoured to provide anti-grip feature.
  • All exposed door hardware shall be of chromium-plated diecast Zamac. Optional stainless steel door hardware available at customers request.
  • Upper door hinge is recessed and interlocked in door and includes a nylon pin within the plane of the door. Lower door hinge is recessed in door and includes mating box and pintle nylon cams, which provide the bearing surface. The cams are adjusted to allow the door to rest at any position within a 270-degree range. Door hardware shall include a coat hook, bumper, stop, keeper and a concealed latch with emergency access.
  • Partition wall brackets shall be secured to walls with anchoring and/or expansion shields.
  • Pilaster shoes shall be of type 304 #4 finish.
  • Fasteners shall be of chrome-plated steel; door hinges will be mounted with tamper resistant barrel nuts and machine screws; hooks and handles will be mounted with tamper resistant, full-thread screws.


  • Smooth Satin Finish, Diamond Texture, Leather Grain


  • 5 year manufacturing warranty and 1 year professional install warranty.